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Our Vision is simple:  Charting a path & inspiring your journey.​

Our Mission is to provide a unique professional growth platform to share and amplify the diverse and unique career stories of and lessons learned from everyday professionals. This is a community made up of "yourpathfinders" and we:

  • Build and maintain thought communities

  • Bring great stories to a deserving audience

  • Recognize passionate people and good work

  • Preserve and provide valuable knowledge and experience

Our Values are always top of mind and always in ‘check.’  From our co-founders to our platform and from our platform to our Pathfinders.  

  • Credibility first.

  • Humility always.

  • Excellence – a given.

  • Curiosity 

  • Kindness 

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Career choices are made by seeing what others have done and learning from them.

At Pathfinders we source, create then publish stories of everyday people who have something to share to help your career development.  The Pathfinders talk about what it takes to drive innovation, either in a product or management technique. Guides talk about what they actually do in a normal day at work so you can decide whether their kind of job is appealing to you. 

Hear directly from them what you won’t hear in promotional sites – the “real deal”, person to person.  They also share their perspectives on their personal feelings and advice.  You can learn a lot through good stories and we bring these stories to you.

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