Geospatial professionals bring together mapping technology and multiple diverse datasets to give you an easy-to-understand view of what is happening where. 



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What would it be like for you to drive real innovation as a career step?  Our Pathfinders share what to expect in terms of the Passion you need, how to turn passion to Action, the Tenacity to persevere and the Humility that often results.  You can learn a lot from their stories.

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Would it be good for you to understand more about what Geospatial professionals actually do in their normal day-to-day jobs? Our Guides give you exactly that understanding from their own perspective.  They will also share their own personal opinions on what kinds of people do well in this industry and what kinds of people find it difficult or challenging.

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Slimgim GIS Maturity Model

Professionals are learning our method for developing maturity driven strategy, continuous improvement and enterprise strategic intelligence. This growing community of maturity practitioners are being supported by the right tool, people and approach. ​Mass Maturity Coach's are learning our methods so they can help you use maturity modeling to data-drive your enterprise GIS strategic roadmap. Users are also learning how to DIY.


Qwhery connects smart speakers and voice assistants to local government services and community engagements.

GIS Lounge covers research and case studies about geographic information systems, geospatial technologies, maps, and cartography.

GO Geomatics

GoGeomatics is the largest and most popular communications hub promoting the Canadian geospatial community.

Geospatial World

The ‘Geospatial Way’ brings knowledge efficiently and effectively by integrating people, organizations, information and technology to understand and overcome the complex challenges we face today. Geospatial World approaches this by drawing upon the value of collaborative geospatial knowledge infrastructures.


Geoawesomeness is a blog about geospatial technologies and everything awesome around it. We are passionate about gis, maps, location-based apps, geomarketing, drones and remote sensing. We are passionate about the connection between location and the technology and are on a mission to build a geospatial knowledge community.

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