• Jeff Lamb

Building Resiliency in a Team with Trisha Brush

Updated: Jun 21

In this episode of Pathfinders, we talk about what it takes to build a strong, successful and resilient team. A team that is productive, understands each others strengths and has empathy towards one another. Yes, that is possible to achieve but only when the leader of the team puts aside their technical affinity, their personal ambitions and their need for the spotlight and makes taking care of YOU their number one priority.

In Kenton County Kentucky there is such a leader. Her name is Trisha Brush and early in her career she was given one task - turn a group of people into a team. She joins us today to talk about her personal journey to leadership and the ways in which she approached the group. Her people first approach has empowered the team, put the right people in the right roles and brought focus and intention to their daily leadership practice.

If you are looking to be more than a GIS Manager and become a leader of digital transformation and change, you're going to want to learn from this leadership approach.

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