Ditch the Wheel and Grab Your Career

Updated: Mar 21

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to glide right through life? They seem to know what they want to do career-wise and land the job that fits right in with their plans. On the other hand, you feel like every day is the same “groundhog day like” grind. The frustration of this can feel like the old hamster running on the wheel scenario – can anyone identify with this?

Life certainly can throw us curve balls, lemons (or hamsters - don’t ask me about parrots…that’s a whole other story), but how we deal with these makes all the difference. If you are struggling with trying to figure out what it is you want to do in life, no time is like the present to address that sucker head on! Enough of the wheel running! Time to take the helm, take the wheel off the stand, put the racing hat on that hamster and steer it in a different direction – Progress!

Have you ever heard someone say – “This is your moment” – Well my friends, THIS is YOUR moment!

A career assessment is often a great place to start and often serves as the first step to ditching the wheel. Typically, a career assessment looks at your experience, interests and then gives you some great ideas of potential careers that would be an ideal fit. In my experience, people are often intrigued and energized with the results, and this helps push them to taking further steps.

Depending on your background, experience, and qualifications, that next step could be gaining additional skills through courses to support this new path. Or it may be that you have exactly what is needed, and your next step is to take a deep breath and blow the inch of dust off your resume so it can be carefully fine-tuned to speak the language of the recruiter.

Did someone say resume? The struggle with resume writing is real! I often describe the resume as one of the most important documents you will produce in your life. Why? Because a resume is what helps you land your dream job and set your course for your future! With this document being an essential ingredient in your path, it is absolutely imperative that it is carefully crafted to pull in the reader, showcase your talents and land the interview.

If you are worried or uncomfortable about the interviews, try practicing until it feels more natural. Enlist a few friends and interview each other. Look to internet resources (hint – like yourpathfinders.com) for insight into how to answer interview questions and what hiring managers are looking for. There are also interview coaches who can add that top level of polish and confidence. Learn the “do’s” and “don’ts” of interviews. Make your best impression. Blow them away…land your future.

It is time, it is time to make your move, what are you waiting for? Set your hamster free, ditch the wheel!

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