What is yourPathto Business Skills for Tech Specialists

So you're trained in all the technical functions you need to deliver but now you realise there are a few OTHER skills you need to succeed in the organizational environment. Pathfinders has been asked a few times "what can you do to help us develop our people in....". We're responding by developing tightly focused modules on pragmatic issues such as Communications, Time Management, Business Cases and so on. These are designed to help specialists work more effectively, a kind of career booster. We'd say something like "your career can grow wings" but apparently that's such a great idea it's been taken. And we can't afford to sponsor teams and neither Jeff nor I want to jump out of a balloon in the stratosphere.

We're starting with a series of "yourPathto" Articles; you can see them in the Magazine section or through the Quick Finder tab.

These articles are curated by a highly skilled furry mascot. Mary Marmot joined our team last month and has been busy authoring and publishing the content. Marmots are busy little things so Mary doesn't do long and complex bites. yourPathto articles are brief and to the point. We have learning partners that already have deeper, thorough offerings and we encourage you to explore these options also.

As things progress we may build course modules around these articles, we're not sure yet but would love to hear your opinions. Another thing we had been asked is to create some sort of skill builder program so you managers out there can offer your team these experiences in a way where we can manage and certify completion, and we are ready for that also. Check out the "Get to know the Pathfinder website" program at https://www.yourpathfinders.com/programs and you'll see what we mean.

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